Monday, 17 February 2020


Alyssa hit 16 with her twin brother last year, but sadly it has been nearly 8 years since her brain injury, this has been very hard for us as she has now spent half her lifetime like this. I found their 16th birthday extremely hard. But Alyssa never gives up, she always tries, she smiles, frowns and is just a wonderful girl. She will never be the same again, but all the therapy over the years has improved her quality of life, and we will always work day in day out to give her the best quality of life, and make her happy, we know now Alyssa should never of had a brain injury, only because she has OTC deficiency it doesn’t mean she should have a brain injury, this year we have had information we cant disclose, but has given us answers and lifted a great weight off our shoulders, in the future we will write more when we are allowed.

Alyssa has had a great year in 2019. We have switched teaching styles to early years, because sadly her brain injury has left her with the mental age of a baby, switching to early years has been a huge success! Our princess is happy, having fun and being listened too. She had some caterpillars, which we grew to butterflies and then helped her to release (was quite icky!) She has been playing in water, and messy play. She loves art again and is using a new technique called hand under hand, as she hates her hands being touched, so we hold the object and help her paint etc..

She has been introduced to 2 new switches, more and stop and is doing well with both (although not consistent) hopefully in the future this will lead to her being able to use switches to say yes and no, which she still does not understand, as its too abstract of a concept. We are also using objects of reference, which help her make conscious choices, for instance we hand her a spoon before snack/lunch this means food. A plastic cup means drink, plastic instrument means music, ball means play etc.. Alyssa has been doing really well with this concept, although it has to be taught and modelled. For the first time Alyssa is starting to learn she can make choices, and can refuse to do activities she doesn’t want to do. This is why she is so much happier now.

We have many plans for Alyssa this Year. Alyssa’s therapists and new teacher are amazing and unsung heroes, who always have so many goals for Alyssa to achieve, and always treat Alyssa with kindness and respect.